What kind of house suits your family lifestyle?

Property investment is big task. Buying a dream house is everyone’s dream. Before making a choice, you need to consider many things from budget, location, facility and more. And with many options available today, it’s become even more challenging to select the right home. The most important thing, you should decide is the kind of property which suits on you and your family’s lifestyle. Choosing your property type beforehand can save your time and hassle. Once you had decided, you can look for various properties in your area. Here are the different types of houses you can choose:     1.Apartment This is the most required type of home. An apartment is a best fit for you if you are looking for something that offers a sense of community, power backup with security and other amenities in a limited budget. You can eliminate luxurious facilitates and services that you not need. It also minimize your budget. Wallfort properties offers luxurious to affordable apartments in Raipur. You can explore…

Why demand for 2BHK home is increasing?

Family Space: The young generation of present time mostly includes of small families having 3 or 4 members. For small family 2BHK & 3BHK apartments are suitable for their needs. 1 BHK apartment is not enough for a couple planning for baby. Or if their parents to stay with them in the future. The maintenance of big 3BHK home is lesser as compare to 2BHK home. 2BHK home is easy and cost effective to maintain.

·Convenient for Rent: In big cities like Raipur, rents are very high, 2BHK flats in Raipur are more convenient for rentals. Office going people who are not married are always prefer to stay in nearby area of their office. As it minimize their expenditure. Most of time, they people share their apartments for the distribution of rent money. 2BHK flats or apartments are more affordable through investment point of view. Tenants who are having families also have strong preference of 2BHK flat. A 2BHK flat offers a healthy equilibrium between their prime hopes from a home in terms of …

What you should be looking for in commercial properties?

The first impression is the last impression, and your office space is your first impression. Office space can either make or break a business. The main factors for selecting the right office space are location, conveyance, facilities and more. Each and everything matters when it comes to the perfect office space.

Wallfort Group has the right kind of development for every business- Wallfort Ozone - a commercial complex in the heart of the city Raipur.

Here’s what you should look for in an office space – everything which makes The Wallfort Ozone such a perfect option for you:
1.Best location Wallfort Ozone is conveniently situated at Fafadih Chowk, Raipur with accessibility to both road and rail transport. It is located just 15km away from airport.
2.24*7 Security (CCTV and Man both) Most of the people ignored parking and security facilities. But it is most important thing we should check before buying commercial properties in Raipur. This commercial complex has power back-up.
3.Facilities a…

Reasons to invest in real estate properties in Raipur

Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. This is the most well developed city in Chhattisgarh. Many people from Chhattisgarh wants to come Raipur for employment opportunities. Therefore it increases need of residential properties in Raipur. It is best city to invest your money in Raipur for long run. Property cost are continuously increasing because of high requirement of residential properties.

Here are some reasons why you must buy a flat in Raipur:
  1.Best Return on Investment (ROI)
Raipur leads the list of favorable investment destinations in Chhattisgarh due to possibility for high ROI. For affordable investment, investors are heading to Raipur with the promise of high returns. It is the peak time to invest in a property in Raipur as the property prices have alleviated due to the considerable number of unsold inventory and delays in approvals for new projects. Take time to check out all properties in Raipur and then head to best real estate developers in Raipur such as “Wallfort …

Technology Has Changed the Process of Selling and Buying Homes

Technology has changed our lives. With all of these upheavals, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better and more fun. Technology revolution has changed the way we do things. It just changes all things like the way we shop, the way we travel, the way we communicate and most importantly the way we buy properties. In this world of internet 45% off people uses technology to buy home, while only an 11% uses traditional methods like newspaper advertisement. Both methods has its own benefits, still we are confuse about which is more reliable and efficient method. Internet has changed the real estate marketing and buying.

Whether it is buying residential properties in Raipur or anywhere in India, technology has made it easy. You can easily search for property on internet.
Home Searching Made Easy with Technology- In past years, we have to call to real estate agents for home searching. But now we have number of websites and listing online with all filters where we can find our…

Ultra-Modern Commercial Projects in Raipur

The count of commercial projects in Raipur is increasing high with the number of various industries in the region, especially steel companies and IT development companies. Raipur city has attracted many customers from Chhattisgarh. Therefore city Raipur is emerging as one of the leading destinations for commercial hubs. Many people from various parts of the Chhattisgarh are coming to Raipur for job opportunities. Raipur has many employment opportunities which leads increase in the commercial properties in Raipur.

A number of prominent real estate developers in Raipur are opening premium commercial projects which perfectly fit the need of big businessman and big industries. A much talked about the project currently is Wallfort Ozone, developed by Wallfort Properties. It is a prestigious corporate complex situated in the heart of the buzzing city of Raipur.It is the most sought after business and office space in Raipur, and the only one of its kind. This beautiful and thoughtful creatio…

Questions buyer should ask to a real estate developers in Raipur

Buying properties is one of the biggest investments people make in their life. It requires planning, research and proper budget. Investing in an under construction property needs even more caution on the part of buyers given the growing tide of buyers’ complaints against developers and builders. So when it comes to buying property in Raipur we must take steps ahead very carefully and should ensure that we are making our money worth effort.

Here we have listed some top listed questions a home buyer must ask to real estate developers in Raipur.
    1.Property Title – Under this question, you can ask buyer about legal rights. Does the real estate developers has the legal rights for property? Most of the times, developers started their property construction even if acquirement of the land has not been finalized. It means that 30% of land is yet to be completely bought and if you own a property in that part of the land it may create some legal problem. Many times some portion of land corresp…